Finishing your tutor profile

# Personal details

  • Date of birth/Gender
  • Photo (Jpeg)- try and use a smiling headshot
  • Video- a brief introduction to yourself and your teaching. Check out our guidelines for ideas for content, how to record a video and advice about recording a successful video (1,2,3).

Payment preference

  • Paypal or Moneybookers account details (associated email address) so that we can pay you! Signing up for an account is free and quick.

# Personal info/Professional experience/Qualifications/ City location

  • You just need a brief outline to give your student more information about you.
  • Teaching details

# Set availability

  • Use left hand navigation (set availability) or ‘edit’ button above the weekly calendar to highlight the time slots you are usually available.
  • The calendar is set to your timezone and will readjust for any students viewing your schedule.

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