Learning languages in traditional institutions to drop with tuition fee increase

A recent article in the Guardian has revealed that students are opting for more vocational subjects over the arts and humanities, particularly languages. It looks as though undergraduates are more willing to shell out the proposed £9,000 tuition fees to learn a trade and help them secure a job in this highly competitive economic environment.

However, what perhaps future undergraduates seem to ignore is that language acquisition is highly valued by employers. Learning languages endows students with transferable skills and cultural awareness, both of which are sought after talents. Learning a language is, in a sense, learning a trade. Many careers such as translation, interpreting and MFL tuition for example have languages at their heart. Only those who have opted to learn languages may break into that field. Language studies marry a vocational skill and the wider study of culture and history, unlike other subjects which are either vocational or academic.

So, don’t let the tuition fee increase ruin your chances of being a top polyglot! Why not learn a language online with squarko.com and add a highly sought after skill to your CV, all the while learning about another nation’s culture?

About Squarko

Squarko links students and professional tutors all over the world in an online classroom for effective language lessons. Why not try it free today?
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